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Year: 2018

Managing Your Hospitality Business While Traveling

Technological advances have paved the way to the evolution of a new kind of entrepreneur – the “nomadic entrepreneur.” Imagine a life traveling around the world – visiting a new town every day. You sleep in one city and wake up in another the next day. It would be nice to experience such on a holiday, but what if it was part of your job?

There are many opportunities to earn online while traveling. There are various ways to become profitable in social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, and online stores. Because of these new opportunities, many individuals are transitioning to become location-independent – thus, the term “digital nomads”. This “trend” is not only for the newcomers. Even established businesses are making the switch and have fully embraced the idea of becoming more mobile.

What is a “digital nomad“?

New opportunities and different forms of employment have opened with the help of the internet. The Internet’s capabilities allowed people to combine work and seeing the world. As a traveling digital nomad, your foundation begins with your website. Many startups will have enlisted a skilled website designer to give them a strong foundation. The benefit of affiliating with a reputable web agency, is the ongoing support – your business might depend on it!

Actually, the term “digital nomad” is overused and is frequently associated to travelers who get by with smaller incomes and often look for cheap accommodations. But today, it can also mean a lucrative career combining power and freedom to travel without time constraints. If you Google it, you will be surprised to find an abundance of business success stories which have all been prepped while the individuals are on the plane or on the road.

This lifestyle allows for freedom, but like all businesses, there is risk involved. Where possible, it helps to have an investment property strategy in the area you most consider home. Property investment will generate income and provide you with a contingency plan if the business declines.

A digital nomad worth following is Kisha Mays. She is the founder and CEO of Just Fearless. Her company helps women entrepreneurs expand into international markets. Seventy percent of her year is spent managing her team while crisscrossing Malaysia to Singapore to Italy to India. Her team consists of 17 staff and freelancers. You will be amazed to know that her company’s annual revenue was around $US 5 million for 2015

and her take home was about 75% of that amount due to low overhead costs of running her business. Another thing about being nomadic is that all her living and transportation expenses are tax-deductible. She advises aspiring digital nomads to hire freelancers, outsource, and allow to work-from-home, or the office.

Another individual to reckon is Scott Leonard. He grew up sailing and it has been his long-time dream to head off into the sunset with his family. Professionally, Scott runs a financial planning firm. In order to merge his passion in sailing and providing for his family, he sold his home to buy his boat and did the same thing with most of his belongings. He was then set to prepare his employees. Since then, he has been managing his financial firm from the seas for three years.

As expected, his clients were nervous at the time he set sail but his company, Navigoe has been progressing at the same time. He flies back for ten days every quarter to meet with clients while the rest of the year is spent aboard or off exploring with his family. From 100 or so clients, Navigoe is now a thriving company with 125 clients, six employees, and an annual revenue of around $US 2 million.

By now, you must be itching to know just how to do it – how to travel while still make a living.

8 Tips For Managing a Business From a Hotel Room

  1. Transparency

You hear all the time. Transparency is the key to keep clients happy. Letting them know about your plans, keeping them informed that you will be managing things away from the office will set their expectations properly.

  1. Research potential Internet issues

Internet is the utmost crucial factor to consider when managing your business while traversing the globe. Research any limitations of the areas that you will be visiting. The limitations include banned platform or apps such as Vimeo in some countries.

  1. Manage your time-zones

Exploring the globe would mean you will be on a different time-zone. Manage your travels well and make sure you are reachable during your business’s office hours. If you own a luxury resort and you offer romantic getaway packages, customer contact can be very frequent, so employ a team in the appropriate time-zone to assist.

  1. Get used to Skype or Google Hangouts

In situations where you need to have a face to face meeting with clients, you can make use of Skype or Google Hangouts. This is also a good tool for touching base with your team and share documents. Collaborators can easily communicated using Google hangouts. The experience is almost the same as if you are in the same room for a meeting.

  1. Be inspired

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your business, take inspiration from the places you go to. You draw inspirations from your surrounding which you can then use to expand use business. You have to note, though, that you need time to conceptualize new ideas.

  1. Make use of management tools.

Management tools can do you wonders. They can help you execute strategy, engage with customers and employees. It will also give you real-time view of your company’s performance.

  1. Automate

Success of your nomadic lifestyle and business lies with how much repetitive tasks can be put on automation. The wide variety of automation tools will take care of tasks such as documents and records management, invoicing, customer relationship management, and even your social media. Freeing up time on some tasks allows you to focus more on the real deal that generates money in your business. Automated systems are great for client contact when the time zones are different. Let’s say you own a luxury resort, an online booking system is invaluable.

  1. Set a goal

Do not allow to be completely on a holiday mode when traveling. You still are in charge of a business and its success in the future, so set goals for your company. This helps you to direct your time appropriately.

Enjoy comfort away from home!

The New Way to Market Online in the Digital Era

Consumer habits are changing at a fast speed, which means entrepreneurs and marketers need to rethink how individuals wish to buy or take on a service such as tree removal and why. While radio and TV played a more powerful role in marketing ten years back, today, with cutting-edge technologies, behaviour is connected to the internet world and the hottest gadgets.

Why is it important to learn and know your clientele?

Every startup needs customers since they will directly affect sales and general gain. As soon as you know what the marketplace lacks and exactly what your customers are expecting, you can readily fulfill their requirements. Do study, examine surveys and gather as much info as possible about the target market to your goods.

What does electronic transformation suggest?

Generally, electronic transformation signifies the integration of technologies into all facets of people’s lifestyles – from the way we store data, even worth, to what programs we use to facilitate our expertise with the entire world. From an organization’s perspective, digitizing actions and procedures can go so much as to become connected with new tendencies, such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, to update functionality and earnings development.

To be more exact, based on the MIT Center for Digital Business, businesses that have adopted digital transformation will be 26 percent more rewarding than their ordinary business opponents and revel in a 12 percent greater market evaluation.

Thus far, people have adapted to the new era of technology, from shopping online through telephone or tablet computer to adjusting their thermostat in the car before coming home. One thing is clear: We can just proceed. No turning back again.

How do digital advertising promote companies?

This method of marketing relies on client experience and the best way to effectively react to the needs and histories of individuals that want to purchase or invest. In other words, digital marketing accounts for the marketing of products or brands via digital media. Through social networking stations (internet, TV, radio), individuals may examine marketing campaigns to comprehend the pros and cons of the business.

Forbes Communications Council is an invitation-only community for executives in powerful public relations, media strategy, creative and marketing services. Can I qualify?

It is a revolutionary fad – customers are not fully determined by what advertisements say since they’re also able to look for reviews, relying upon the opinions of the others. If someone is looking to undergo a home extension then they will look for reviews about some home renovation builders and compare their skills, quality of work and price, all at the touch of their fingers and within minutes. People today prefer businesses they could trust, which has come to be a prime standard in establishing a promotion plan. What’s more, prospective customers are interested in businesses that truly understand them and also have established a more personalized interaction so as to reply to their expected needs.

How do you market your company on the internet?

Search engine optimization refers to the very top of Google’s search engine results page. If someone Googles a word or term as well as your brand is connected to it, then you would like your title to appear on the very first Google page. Ensuring you get there entails SEO understanding and navigating Google’s core search calculations, which is not a stroll in the park.

Managing a website and also a Facebook page for the company is the way you attract clients and readers within an engaging and rewarding manner. These approaches take some time, but in return they deliver in reputable fans who will provide credible opinions. Ensure that you post consistently with high quality articles because customers have high expectations.

Even the LinkedIn community is a strong one, and people can quickly associate with other people in their preferred industry or market to help spread their message. To participate in powerful classes, you have to spark curiosity about your company with strong incentives, dependable content and approaches. Do not rush into things unless you’re sure your values and the way individuals can actually benefit from your job. If you are a business specialising in tree pruning services than look towards optimising content geared towards tips about tree health, how to know when a tree is withering away and needs removal, etc.

To adapt to quickly changing consumer habits from the electronic era, it is important to market your company on the best-known sites by minding SEO strategies, blogging and Facebook and LinkedIn classes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your House

One of the major reasons why a house may sit on the market without any potential buyers could be that your marketing strategy is not effective. You might want to reconsider your marketing approach, especially when your listing is about to expire, in order to improve your chances of a sale. Some real estate agents may blame the appeal of your property; however, an excellent marketing plan can ensure the sale of any property.

A positive and skilled real estate agent would be very useful in devising a good marketing plan and provide a good buyer advocacy service. It is advisable to interview prospective agents to gain insights on their marketing approach before deciding.

A “For Sale” sign on your front yard or an advertisement in the classified section is no longer sufficient in enticing potential buyers. With the real estate market getting more complex every day, you will need to work out a marketing strategy with your real estate agent to cover more ground by using all types of media. You can start with offering incentives to entice prospects, create a virtual tour of the property or placing it online. These tools can help you in the competitive market and ensure that your property will be noticed.

Read through the following common marketing mistakes that sellers make to avoid having your property left in the dust. Avoiding these errors allows you to find better methods to attract your demographics of buyers and increase the likelihood of selling your home.

Mistake 1: The online photos of your property are unattractive.

One of the most essential marketing tools you have is the set of photos you take for online listings. Your online photos could be the key factor that attracts buyers to arrange an inspection. If the quality of your photos is bad, and the photos are blurry, there’s a tendency that the buyers will skip your listing.

Photo Do’s:

  • Ensure that any high resolution photos are optimized before uploading them online.
  • Sidewalks or neighboring properties and other unrelated areas must be cropped out from the images.
  • Ensure that the orientations of the photos are correct before posting them.
  • Include as many photos as possible that highlight the unique details of the property.

Photo Don’ts:

  • Don’t use dimmed pictures or images that show clutter.
  • Don’t include pictures of your pet animals.
  • Don’t just post a single image of the property’s exterior without any description.
  • Avoid selfies or images that include your reflection.

Mistake 2: Your listing description is not informative or featureless

Having a captivating online description is also very helpful in drawing buyers to check out your listing. This could is a great opportunity to explain why your property would fit their needs and why it is a good investment. Great captions could spark their curiosity and entice them to visit your property.

Listing Do’s:

  • Emphasize any distinctive or appealing features in your property, this does not mean talk up the armadillo rugs you will not be leaving there but instead specific layout features.
  • Endorse how adaptable your property is by describing the features in terms of potential function.
  • Use constructive and diverse adjectives to liven up the description.
  • Post your internet listing on as many websites as possible.

Listing Don’ts:

  • Don’t forget to include contact information.
  • Don’t forget to include your home’s best features, and provide more than simple basic information.

Mistake 3: You are tied down to traditional marketing methods.

In order to make a successful sale, you must keep up with the fast paced real estate industry. You need to stay on top of online marketing techniques for a more versatile strategy. You may want to choose a real estate agent who is savvy with the latest forms of technology.

New Marketing Do’s:

  • Think about creating a virtual tour. This offers viewers with a 360 degree view of all the rooms in your estate, enticing curiosity. A virtually staged tour ensures that your property is way on top of the market.
  • Promote and advertise your property using blogs, informal websites, and real estate listings sites as well.
  • High resolution photographs of your property on the listing website must be printable.
  • Make the information and images of your listed property sharable so that visitors are able to share it with their contacts.

New Marketing Don’ts:

  • Don’t neglect to use traditional marketing methods in favor of all new ones. Old methods can still be effective such as home staging, making a combination of both the most efficient way to sell your home. You can seek assistance from Brisbane interior designers or interior styling services to make your home more appealing while in the staging process.
  • Don’t stop advertising in your local newspapers or magazines. House sale ads printed in the classified can still reach a wide audience. Maximize all printed media that can showcase your property.
  • Don’t reject new marketing ideas right off the bat because you are unfamiliar with them. Collaborate with your real estate agent and consider his suggestions. Always remember that more exposure can lead to a wider audience of potential buyers.

Mistake 4: It’s too difficult for buyers to view your property.

Looking for perfect home takes time. Like shopping, your buyers may need to inspect the property more than once before they make their decision. You can make their life easier by making it effortless for them to come view your property. Otherwise, they will skip your presentation and go to your neighbor’s instead.

Viewing Do’s:

  • Take time to make yourself available for private viewings making sure your decoration and design is appropriate to your buyer.
  • Stage your home to be in a buyer-ready state. Make it marketable by removing personal items, tidy, and clutter free to ensure that it is ready for viewings at all times.
  • Inform your real estate agent to give you a heads up before a visit so that you have time to tidy up and make any last minute arrangements.
  • Place a lock box on the property so that your agent can easily access it when you are not around

Viewing Don’ts:

  • Don’t require more than 24 hours’ notice for the ocular inspection.
  • Don’t restrict your property’s viewing times.

Mistake 5: There are no incentives for buyers to visit your property viewing.

Sellers normally want to avoid incentives due to the extra cost, however, it can make the open house more inviting and the property appealing enough to get as many potential buyers as possible. So if you have decided to hold an open for inspection, go the extra mile and offer incentives just as commercial property sales do.

Marketing and Managing a Basketball Team

Your team might not be competing in the top leagues but simply because you’re not Real Madrid, the L.A. Lakers, New Zealand All Blacks or Boston Red Socks that doesn’t stop your team from getting the recognition and support it deserves.

Could anything be better than hearing the sound of cheering supporters at your gamesor having new players in line waiting for a place in the team roster or even more, have sponsors yearning for you to have the name of their brand on your team basketball jerseys?

Regrettably, all of this would not just happen magically, time and effort have to be put in place if you really want to stand out there. However, the good news is that many affordable and sometimes freeways exist by means of technology to promote your sports team.

In this article, we’ll look into a few marketing ideas you can implement in your sports team both on and off the web to attain the fame, support and fans you so desire.


1. Develop a Free Professional Website Using WordPress

What do you think anyone would do when they hear your team name at first instance and want to find out more about your team? More often than not, the first place anyone would want to hear your team name at first instance and want to find out more about your team? Your guess is as good as mine, they’ll Google it up.

At this stage of technological advancement where virtually everyone owns a smartphone and has access to the internet, they wouldn’t hesitate to search the web for information on any subject they desire.
It is therefore very important that you take advantage of the internet and market yourself.


Not to get any valid information about your team from is your team’s website. By having a professional team website, you can make a very good first impression to information seekers. The possibility also exists that potential sponsors would make a first stop at the team’s website. If for any reason your sports team doesn’t have a website yet, you can worry less as it has become even much easier for a layman to create a website without being a highly advanced web agency. By using WordPress, in just a few minutes anyone can create a professional website.

Being an open source platform and completely free to use remains one of the greatest reasons for the widespread success of WordPress. Additionally, there’s the availability of a wide range of free high-quality themes that can give a website a totally unique look in just a click.

Functionality can be further extended on WordPress platform by using plugins that can perform almost any imaginable task, consult professional website designers for pointers on how to get the most out of WordPress.

2. Build an Email Newsletter

Email is an important communication and marketing tool that has been around for a long time. You can easily set up and manage professional email newsletters by using providers such as MailChimp. This service is completely free to use up to 2000 subscribers. To keep players, fans, and volunteers well informed about upcoming events, games and other activities, email is a very handy tool.
It is also a very effective means to keep in touch with your most loyal fans and send them such items as thank you notes, exclusive content as well as bonus material just to let them know you appreciate them.
How can you tell who is your closest fans?
Just as in your everyday internet usage, you only give out your email address freely and without much thought to things you trust and have interest in, right?
Hopefully, your answer was ‘Yes’.
This applies to other people too. If they choose to sign up to your email list, it simply means they have trust and interest in you, and you should accord such people their well-deserved respect.

3. Have a Social Media Presence

As of today, almost everyone belongs to one social media platform or the other.
You can imagine that I and my mum are Facebook friends. That summarizes it all!
Other than their wide audience, another great feat of social networks is that almost all of them are free to use. Consequently, they can serve as a cheap means to promote a sports team.
Fans can connect directly with their favourite teams using the available social networks, interact with players and keep abreast with important news and happenings in the team. Build your presence and soon enough everyone will be able to recognise your teams’ basketball shirts from a distance.

4. Word of Mouth Marketing

Prior to applying social networks and website, why not leverage one of the oldest marketing means known to humanity? You have connections to a large extended network of families, acquaintances, and friends of your team members although this is determined by the size of your team. People known personally by you or others are often excited to show support. Why not try to indulge them? This can simply be done by asking players, club members and volunteers to spread the word about any upcoming events and games.

For this to work out, you must first of all actively keep everyone informed as your club members can only tell others of things they themselves are aware of.
You can leverage the already mentioned mailing list to keep your loyal fans informed at all times and kindly ask them to pass on the information to others.
This can also be applied to online marketing measures. For instance, you can ask family members to invite their own friends to Facebook events.

4 Tips to Market Your Photography Business

You have started your dream photography business and now awaiting clients to hire you. Please do not waste your money on traditional adverts such as an ad in a magazine or newspaper, they are mostly worthless. I have tried them all and realised that they don’t work especially when there are so many free photography marketing tools you can make use of.

The advent of social media has revolutionised virtually every industry and instead of wasting your money on advertising that won’t make your long-term dreams comes true, use the social media and digital trend to gain attention for a much lower cost.
Imagine having many people going crazy with your photography business to the extent that they keep sending the friends and love ones your way. Thinks about what it would be when you show up in search engines like Google for your desired result. Think about having so many people finding your business to meet your profit goals without spending a huge amount of money on advertising. Learn how to develop your brand marketing in a meaningful way for your photography business.

1. Google Business Pages

Ensure you add your location to your keyword such as Wedding Photographer Dandenong Ranges so people can see what they are searching for. When you search on Google and include a location, the search engine platform adds you to their business listings. They put the listings BEFORE the organic listings in their rankings. These listings are free, so go and get one now!
If you want to show up in the local listings, it is crucial to completely fill out your profile and start getting reviews. Ensure you upload some images too as they usually show up in the search results. When people are searching for a photographer, you will be seen easily on Google search engines. Images that are clear and represent your business are crucial as clients will want to see examples of your work before hiring you.

2. Automate your Social Media posts

A super powerful way to promote your business is using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.
While these social media platforms can be beneficial, they can also be distracting and you have to be super careful not to waste a bunch of time on these platforms. For instance, you can post on your business page on Facebook and may end up watching funny videos a few hours later, thereby forgetting to post to other platforms. IFTTT is a free software that allows you to automate your posts and will prevent you from wasting much time. By using IFTTT, you can post on a platform and then have it automatically post the same content on other platforms. This is how to get the best response while wasting the least amount of time.

3. Blog as often as you can

One of the best ways to let Google know th

at your site is still active (which gives you better rankings) is to have fresh content on your site. Customers on the other hands w

ill know that that you are busy and also mean business. I often wonder if a business is still running when their site hasn’t been updated for months
If you don’t have many shots, show some personal work or spread out your posts (do a few images one at a time instead of all in one big post). It is very important that you post contents that your clients are eager to know. For instance, portrait photographers may post about what to wear to a session whereas wedding photographers may want to put out a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding photography (such as not getting ready in a church kitchen or hiring a professional lighting company). Your customer’s values you and see you as an authority on a subject. You could blog about various relevant subjects such as lighting tips for better photography or the most popular Melbourne wedding photo locations for summer.
Ensure your website is SEO optimised for search engines so that can attract clients who are searching the internet for a photographer like you.

4. Network with other professionals
Use the power of networking to improve your photography business by getting involved with other professionals in your local area. Business owners are usually loyal to each other especially when you are also promoting their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to reciprocate.

It is also essential that you network with other wedding professionals to share ideas about the photography industry. Sharing clients doesn’t mean you have to compete for them. Marketing and business branding are critical activities for your business and ensure you leverage the above opportunities to increase the visibility of your company.

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