Who Is Andrew Bailey

I have lived in Melbourne Australia most of my life.

When I left school, I started a contract cleaning business and employed a handful of people in the process. After about 10 years, I sold that and went to work for a large telephony company. I have been in various management roles for nearly 15 years since. The one I loved most was being the sales manager of a direct sales company selling mobile phone solutions to small and medium sized companies. I have worked for small husband and wife business’ to large telephony companies. I started in sales and worked my way up the corporate ladder.

The idea behind writing this blog is to share my experiences with people who are just starting out in management or for those who have been in their positions for awhile. They’re short and to the point articles written for the busy professional who doesn’t have time to read through a whole book or a lengthy article on whatever they need help with.

I hope you find something useful in the articles.

Hope to hear from you so contact us here.