5 Tips for Property Investment Companies

  1. Request business

Begin with with your present client and potential customer database. Figure out where the majority of your business comes from. The 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of your business generally stems from 20 percent of customers.

So, find out that those 20 percent are. They are very likely to be your best chances for new business.

  1. Consult your best customers to get a referral

Who better to have words of praise and spread the word in a happy customer? Your best customers are people who come back time and time and provide you a great deal of company whether they are constantly moving or building a property portfolio. They’re your winners and best marketing vehicles. Just request a referral and be sure that you thank them with a tiny token of your appreciation.

  1. Contact with previous customers

If you find customers who you have not heard from in some time, pick up the telephone and inquire how they’re going. You will be amazed by how many might have been meaning to about a problem they want solved or were in need of some property investment advice.

Communication is essential to developing customer relationships. Among the most typical reasons that customers leave is because they feel ignored.

  1. Follow up

It is great sales practice to follow up after a month or so, to determine how things are moving with the agent they have chosen.

Enquire if they are delighted with the amount of support they are receiving but do be careful in this situation. The last thing you need is to be viewed as a nuisance and indicate they have made the incorrect choice — no one needs that.

Ensure the conversation remains friendly, short, telling them you will be more than happy to submit a proposal if they’re thinking about a change of representative later on. It shows initiative and willingness to conduct business.

  1. Attend a local company occasion and work the area

Networking Is a great method of creating new business. When attending an event, here are useful methods for working the space.

  • Always bring lots of business cards.
  • Set a goal to meet 1 person every 10-15 minutes. You’re there to meet people and therefore don’t only stick to a single individual or with a colleague the entire night.
  • Attempt to create a relationship with other people by asking questions until you start about you or your organization. You’ll find this the best method to identify business opportunities.
  • Whenever possible, provide a prospective contact something before you request something. It may be as straightforward as offering to send them a post you have read which could be of interest or placing them in touch with someone. It’s not really ok to ask a complete stranger for either their business or even a referral without offering anything initially.
  • Always follow up. Do not let these business cards accumulate dust. Send them an email the next day stating it was fine to meet them and refer to something that you discussed. If you promised any advice, make certain to follow this immediately.

Networking is about creating new contacts not about creating immediate business. It’s a long-term investment which needs some effort on both sides to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Marketing maintenance

This is also the ideal time to evaluate the business, create new ideas and begin new marketing and advertising endeavours.

Here are suggestions to keep the organisation in order.

Survey your customers

This is a fantastic way to judge how customers are considering you, the amount of support that you provide. It is possible to obtain some valuable insights, which may be employed to improve the enterprise. A questionnaire is also a chance to get in contact with customers so be certain that you add a general comment or opinions question in the poll.

Maintain a watch out for complaints and common issues or issues raised as they are just another chance to delight the customer.

Cleanse your database

It is arguably among the most valuable company assets so ensure that your database is clean and current, and you have an effective website design. Based upon your degree of participation with customers and how big your database, it’s a fantastic idea to maintain this action in-house instead of outsourcing to another party.

Update your site

This can also be a fantastic time to rethink the way your site can work for you. If it had been developed by a web developer a while ago with no additional improvements since, odds are, the site is unlikely to be search-engine friendly plus, the appearance and feel is very likely to require an upgrade.

The recommended option would be to decide on a package that features content management, allowing you complete control and capability to edit web content (text and also pictures) fast and easily, directly from your desktop computer.


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