Starting A Printing Business

If you are planning to start a printing company, you will want to know your specialty prior to investing in equipment and software. Operating a printing business demands a couple of specialized pieces of equipment, and may be operated as a homemade, storefront, or internet business. Printing companies can be technical and cater to various needs. Kinds of printing companies include plastic sign printing, screen-printing t-shirts, printing of business cards, brochures and documents, election ballots, and general printing. Know what sort of printing you need to concentrate in and plan accordingly.

Printing System

Possibly the most important investment you can make for your printing company is the printer. The sort of printing you anticipate performing will dictate the sort of printer you require. Basic printers are split into inkjet, inkjet, screen and offset. If you want to print vinyl signs, you might want to have an extra-wide sign and tag inkjet printer. If you are printing business cards, then it could be better to pick a laser printer while an offset press will decrease your costs if you’re printing a large volume of high quality documents. A screen printer is essential if you plan on printing to cloths, like shirts.

Design Software

To design print things for customers, you will require a type of design software and a computer that could run it. Your choice of computer and software will be based on the sort of printing that you intend on specializing in. Your choices can range from simple desktop apps, which are great for designing business cards and documents, to luxury technical design applications, which are mainly used for drawing images. Whichever program you choose, ensure that your computer can run it easily by keeping up to date with the latest technology and software. Also make sure it includes a vast array of fonts. Customers could be picky about their font and it can lose your customers when you have got a limited selection, sometimes you need to spend a bit more to give the customers what they want; ensuring that they will be back for more!


You will need something to print, may it be record printing, T-shirt screen-printing, vinyl signs, signage printing, business cards or any variety of items. You must have sufficient stock on hand, and sufficient variety, to meet clients’ needs. As an example, if you are planning to print your clients’ business cards, you must have sufficient variety of card stock to permit customers to pick the quality, quantity, and texture they are seeking for their business cards.

Cutting Equipment

You will have to have a cutting platform available in store as well. A hydraulic cutter or a hand-operated cutter is also needed to run your business, as this is mainly used for cutting special cards, such as business cards for clients. However, if you are printing vinyl signs, you will need a cutter that can cut out letters and images from adhesive-backed vinyl.

Accounting Software

Keeping an eye on sales and growth, and monitoring expenses and stock in addition to make accurate quotes is also such an important factor of a printing business, whether you are running it from home, in a stand along store, or in an office. To do this you will need an accounting software application. If you decide to operate your business and take orders over the internet on a daily basis, you should select software that could integrate with a website, letting you take orders online in an easy and accessible way for your customers.