The ‘Ultimate Office Space’


The first step to creating the ultimate office space is starting with comfortable equipment. You are going to spend long hours sitting at the desk working on your computer and having the correct equipment is going to make a huge difference in your comfort and productivity levels. A space that has been carefully thought out will ensure employees are satisfied and working effectively. A professional office space can also aid brand development and corporate culture. It can also encourage transparency, inclusiveness, and coherence amongst employees. 

Here we look at a few ways to make the ‘ultimate office space’: 

Invest in a decent chair

A comfortable chair is the heart of a home office that is full of productivity. You will spend half of your day sitting in that chair so investing in a comfortable one is a good life choice. Prices can range from $50 for your basic chair all the way up to high end chairs with plenty of features. Pay attention to the thigh, back and arm support, also take the material options into consideration.

Using a second monitor

Having a second monitor is classed as a productivity superpower. The extra screen makes many tasks like writing, researching, coding and designing easier. It is a good way to make multi-tasking better equipped. If you hate juggling around all the windows you should really consider having a second monitor. For the best results get similar or the same equipment as what has already been set up, so the experience and fidelity is the same.

Mouse and keyboard

The good old keyboard and mouse get forgotten for all the high-tech equipment these days. Did you know that a keyboard and mouse actually play a huge part in improving comfort and productivity? In terms of your keyboard, go for a mechanical keyboard with the clicky keys that are known to be responsive and easy to use. These might be noisy, but they can give you unparalleled comfort in typing. The coders and writers seem to love them. When selecting a mouse, it is important to choose something that your hand comfortably fits around. Gaming mice are a good choice as they are accurate and comfortable, but they do have an expensive price tag.

Consider a standing desk

There is plenty of growing research that shows when you are sitting for long periods of time you are putting your health at risk. This is why now we are seeing a new generation of workers that are using the standing desks. The standing desks are height adjustable so you can raise and lower it as you need to. This type of desk will improve heart health, focus and productivity. 

Using green plants

Adding plants to your desk will add colour, reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Even a few plants can help to increase your productivity. Try and aim for something that will improve your air quality and that is easy to maintain. The boston fern, ficus and the spider plant are known to filter the air.

Keep a special spot for brainstorming

Your best ideas won’t come to you when you are sitting at your desk. Maintain a space inside your office area that is just for brainstorming where you can encourage creative thinking. How you create this personal space is completely up to you. Some people may prefer to have a whiteboard and a chair, others may like a sofa couch or a bean bag, and a side table with a pinboard. Make sure there is easy access to pens, papers and other stationery items that you may need.

The aforementioned should align with your company vision, mission, communication strategy, goals and so on. Your office design should reflect what you are about, at the core of your business. 


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