Same Basic Business Rules Also Apply to Software Testing

Business Rules Do Apply to Software TestingOne of the fastest growing businesses in Australia today is software testing or known by other names such as developer testing and user testing. I am in touch with a few businesses that are in the business of creating software of all descriptions and apps for mobile devices. I have seen too many of their products flop after launch because of not enough testing. I am certainly not familiar with all of the jargon of the industry but the same fundamental business principals apply to this industry as it does to any other.

The user experience is one of the most vital aspects to the success of any technology platform. If you ignore the criticism without first exploring it or shut it down and have a counter argument or justification for every point a user makes, then your product will certainly fail!

Handling objections is for sales and the common mistake in this field is that it’s used for UX (User Experience) discussions. Unfortunately, from what I have heard recently from people in the software business it happens way too often.

I totally understand that as well. Whenever somebody says anything that does not compliment what you have worked long and hard on is kind of like saying to a new parent they have an ugly baby. There is not one person alive that likes to hear it.

You have to hear if you have an ‘ugly’ design or clunky navigation, or even a confusing overall experience. This is vital if you are to be successful with your new software or app launch. It can make or break your business, so if this stuff offends you, you need to get thicker skin and fast.

With usability testing in Australia, the obvious consideration is price point for soon to launch software or apps. There are many businesses in most countries that offer UX feedback services. You have to pick one that has a price point that you can afford and is reasonable for what you are getting, have a good UI (User Interface) that would be conducive to a start-up type business or even a long established one.

There are online spaces such as, Elance and ODesk that have enhanced the exposure given to usability testers on its platform, and this great f you are trying to test a new piece of software or a mobile app if you are on a tight budget.


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