Proper Business Phone Etiquette-Angry Callers

angry phone callerHave you ever spoken to angry callers on the phone and felt like just hanging up on them? I know I have, many times. However, that’s the worst thing you can do.

An easy way to calm the person down is to just let them vent and get it all off their chest. It’s usually not a personal attack against you so don’t take it personally. After they have done so, ask them what they want the outcome to be and then present your solution.

Even if they’re yelling at you, just bite your tongue and stay calm. Don’t tell an angry caller to calm down as they will get even angrier.

Another way to calm someone down is not to speak over them by talking louder. Not only will that make you look like a tool in the office by yelling in the phone, it will also make the caller even more upset. Speak in an even tone and if you do that, it will soothe the angry caller and hopefully resolve the situation.

If you cannot manage to follow those simple steps, then maybe you should get your employer to look at some executive career coaching for you as you just might need it in the near future.


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